From food trucks to ambulances, our step vans are designed around you.

Walk-in vans and step vans, in general, are known for saving time; think of the stereotype, hurried UPS or FedEx delivery driver. When was the last time you saw them get out of their truck and walk all the way around to the back to retrieve their package? Walk-in and step vans allow the driver to stand up and go directly from his seat into the rear cargo area for quick, easy access, saving tremendous amounts of time. But, of course, not all walk-in and step vans are equal.

The Freightliner MT45 and Freightliner MT55 models set the industry standard when it comes to performance and productivity in walk-in vans and step vans, particularly when it comes to adapting to what you need it to do. With options for medium and heavy duty chassis, powered by gas, diesel, propane or CNG, and outstanding maneuverability in tight spots, the Freightliner MT45 & MT55 Step Vans are clear winners if you’re looking for a potential food truck, delivery truck, or large ambulance.

Whether it’s new or used Freightliner Step Vans, used FedEx trucks or FedEx equipment, Custom Step Vans has you covered.

For the last 10 years, Custom Step Vans has been the preferred walk-in van provider of both UPS and FedEx – that’s because we hear you. You need quality, reliability, and speed to compete today. We adapt to you, and are committed to get you from point A to point B in the most price-effective manner. If you have step van needs in Salt Lake City, then you’re in the right place. We offer:

  • New and used Step Vans for sale, including the Freightliner MT45 and MT55 models
  • Extensive inventory of on-hand OEM service parts for independent contractors
  • Superior design and components, with the most advanced manufacturing facility in the country
  • Large variety of Step Vans that can be customized for your individual use
  • Trusted FedEx Ground Contractors

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